EZ Knowledge Childcare Academy

"Ready for Kindergarten and Beyond!"


Children need early childhood curriculum that will enable them to grow and develop to their fullest potential. Each stage of their growth is important and unique. Providing them with acceptance, understanding, and care in a safe and nurturing environment are paramount

A total approach to learning is key. It begins with the five main areas of development -






Character Building

EZKnowledge Child Care Academy raises the bar with custom lesson plans. Our advantage is both what we teach and how we teach. We accomplish this goal in surprising ways – from playground and mealtime to the simple act of selecting art materials.

Infancy to Preschool Program

In our programs from infancy to preschool, teachers will work with your child on language and literacy skills such as learning to hold a pencil, beginning letter/sound recognition and identification, and recognizing his own name in print. They will help him grow a love for reading and books. Much time will be spent on counting, sorting and categorization. And, they will learn social skills, like how to cooperate and communicate with other children and teachers.

Pre-Kindergarten Program

Our Pre-K curriculum has over 100 different learning objectives. Here, your child will participate more in group learning and interact with other children in activities, projects and experiments. They will get the basics required to start reading – learning to identify each letter sound and how sounds and letters combine to form words. They will be exposed to beginning addition and subtraction and more acute observational and analytical skills. And, teachers will challenge your child to share their thoughts and ideas, to expand their oral vocabulary, imagination and creativity.